vote for unicycling NOW !!!

Hello all together,

Lutz Eichholz from Germany will be in a TV Show at 20:40 MEZ today. Its about a Web award and to give him a chance to win it would be great if you could vote for him NOW!

Just follow this link: and scroll down until you see lutz on his uni.
On the right side of the video you find a purple Button called “Abstimmen”. Pleas click on that button to vote for Lutz (and go back and do it agin and again). I know its all in German but its really safe to click! No fake, just a voting for Lutz and unicycling.
Many thanks in advance

unicycle TV

:astonished: we need more votes!!! take a look here:

Voted. Come on guys! Lutz can’t lose to Parkour!

voted :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot
Lutz did second and so he comes to thew next stage :slight_smile:

On Thursday is the next voting round, I will keep you informed.

Many thanks for your voting!!!

yes, although it´d be better if he was the first :wink:

Today vote here please: to make unicycling the winning stuff!!!

Vote for it now to give Lutz a chance. many thanks in advance

i can’t find the vote button

The voting is over but thanks for trying it.

oh. darn