Vote for the unicyclists!

Cool. I spoke to soon. My email showed up overnight.

50 votes!

8.65%, but still such a long way to go until the contest ends.

I voted once again, and I received a reply from Snickers with a 20 point code. :slight_smile:

+1 vote and email sent. How long do we have left?

only one day more
normaly she need one day to replay the email

only 0.4 % for place one

14 hours left and they need 0,3% for top 1!! :slight_smile:

I emailed for a code, 50 votes.

+100 votes… i think its first place now too… :slight_smile:

Voting really satisfies! :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not hungry anymore

We’re first place!! Err… Team Horst is first place!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s see if we can keep the it for the remainding 11 hours!

YEAH!! We’ve done it!! :smiley:
10 hours left…will they get 9,5% or even 10%? :wink:

voting period is over


in the name of Team Horst, thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm!

We have made it to the Top, now all we can do is hope the other teams don’t have as many friends and aren’t as hungry for chocolate and peanuts.

If we stay in the Top 5 until the end, we’ll be in the final (Nov 27, Vienna, Austria), to show the video and be interviewed. The judges then will decide who is going to get the sponsorship.

Keep your fingers crossed!

I see a bunch of teams still have 11 days of voting left.
I wish there was an easier way to see how much time each team has left without clicking on them.

Just to keep track, currently the top five teams in order are:

Team Horst
VG Wildegg
Demo Team ATSV
Crazy Frog
Team A Move

Looks like team Surprise came out of nowhere, shifting the top 5 down.
Team Horst is now is 2nd place.

Team Horst
VG Wildegg
Demo Team ATSV
Crazy Frog

Kind of ironic considering thier name.

now Place 4 for unicycling, I thing she came to the final

DRIFTUNION e.V. , Driften/Motorsport, Votes: 7,63%
Synchro System, Synchroneiskunstlauf, Votes: 7,59%
Surprise,Rock´n`Roll Formationstanz, Votes: 7,53%
Team Horst, Einradfahren, Votes: 7,01%
VG Wildegg,Voltigieren, Votes: 6,92%

Place 6: Team MONTEC,Motocross,Votes: 4,73%

We made it to the final, thanks to your support!

It’ll be held in Vienna, this Friday. If you are in the area, say hello.

So you’ll perform at the final, but does anything happen from there? More voting? Is a final single winner chosen?
I hope there will be some video of the event.
Good luck!!

Nice to hear you have made it. Good luck!