Vote for the unicyclists!

Hi everybody,

our team of a handful of riders from Vienna, Austria is taking part in a Snickers sports competition.

In order to join the final and show the world that unicycling is much cooler than vaulting and latin dancing (leading the Top 10 right now), we need LOTS of votes.

Please help us by clicking the link. It’s a German website, but it’s easy:

Click ‘JETZT VOTEN’ below the team description > click ‘ALS GAST VOTEN’ > enter the code of the graphic > click ‘VOTEN’

Thanks a lot! Dankeschön!

Love from Vienna,

PS: You can vote once a day :slight_smile:

It says that I have to enclose some snickers things. I can’t read German so I don’t know what it says.


Yeah I clicked vote and entered the code but then a snickers bar came up, and I can’t read the text.

I think your vote DOES go through. It sounds like the code is for something additional voting.
According to

“Voting successful!
You have the candidate successfully passed your voice.
Push your favorites even more!
SNICKERS ® SnickersAuf many packages you can find voting codes.
Give them here, at up to 100 Peanuts (= Special Voting votes) for
assigned to your favorites.”

Me no speaka da German, but I think that Snickers bar that pops up is saying that if you want your vote to count extra, you can use the voting code from a Snickers bar to add extra points to your vote.

Or I could be totally off.

Thanks for voting guys!

And yes, you are right, once the snickers bar pops up, your vote has been counted.

You could travel to Austria and buy some Snickers bars to enter a code and vote even more often, but that might be a little bit overdone.

Thanks again!


There are Snickers bars in the vending machine about 5m from where I sit at work. No voting codes… :frowning:

Its probably only for Austrian candy bars John.:smiley:

Oh, wait. They’re not regular Snickers, they’re Snickers Almond. That must be why… :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I want one.
But that’s okay, it’s already pre-Halloween here, and several people have bowls of candy on their desks…

Crap. . .it’s already pre-Christmas here! :astonished:

I went into Wally World the other day and walked toward the big sign that said “Spookville!”, and what did I see in that aisle?

Yep, tinsel and Christmas trees. :angry:

you guys got any video…? or just photos?

we do. photos are up, in the so called ovi-gallery. and the video is up, but they haven’t put it online yet. hopefully soon.


When I was a boy, Snickers Bars were called Marathon Bars. Anyone else old enough to remember this? I could not unicycle at the time. I only learned two years ago when I was 53. Good Luck Steph.

I had to look up some Snickers history, as I don’t remember that name and I’m old enough to. Apparently it was Marathon just in the UK and Ireland. It’s been Snickers in the US since its introduction in 1930.

The Trailer for our Video is online now, in the guestbook below the team description.

If you like it, please vote again.

(“Jetzt Voten” -> “Als Gast voten” -> enter security code -> “Voten” -> once you see the snickers bar, your vote counted.


yeah, every day one vote,
now it is 2,53 %

Just voted again. Can’t wait to see the whole video!

current Votes: 2,86%

she need 5 % for a mimimal change

Just voted again. 3.8%

Voted again. 4.54%