Vote for my video here:

It’s in the running on (I think you have to register, but it’s quick and free!) :slight_smile:


Vote in nice stuff terry

I just voted, but didn’t need to register. Of course, I gave you the highest rating. :>


Thanks guys! :):D:p:o

hmm I’ve already seen this vid on youtube but I voted anyways

and watched it again :smiley:

Just did. Cool vid.


Very cool terry

Keep riding

I get to vote twice today!

I’ll only vote if you promise to stop pairing “Extreme” with “Unicycling”.

Ferchrissakes, jumping a unicycle off a picnic table isn’t exactly a run-of-the-mill sport.

The Department Of Redundancy Department


haha thanks, yeah it’s an older “best of” vid, and it’s been on there while, but I just got an email from them that you could vote for it now. I tried to add a newer video but it wouldn’t upload after several attempts.:frowning:

It got my vote… awesome riding, and the music finally got my son to fall asleep! :smiley:

Voted! Good luck!!

Wow thanks so much everybody! Based on sheer votes, my vid has 33 so far, which is more than some, but way less than others lol, but then many videos have been posted for quite a long time-one as far back as 10/06!

But out of the 675 videos entered, (27 pages of videos!) mine is on the first page at #25! That’s not too bad for a mtb site lol!:o

vote in

Wow my video has jumped from 27th to 8th place out of about 675 total videos, 99% of which are all MTB videos! Pretty cool. So if you haven’t voted yet, it would be great if you could take a minute and go here to vote. Thanks!:slight_smile:

This is the main page where mine’s about 8 down from the top under “best rated” Just click on the Thumnail to go to the voting page: