Vote for me on facebook contest

hey i was filmed by a few people from icebreakers and aparntly i made it into their “how do you break the ice contest”. The video most votes is given a trip to spain… so vote for me. the web adress is : also expect a new video from me soon. its going to have a number of manifesto trials lines. my DVD section i believe will be completly manifesto!
please vote! i will give everyone who votes a big hug if i win!
Please note you can vote 5 times a day!
p.s not really rec sport i know but to late already posted

Don’t have a facebook account. Did you read the fine print? (Did it say in a body bag?). Lovely.

I’m digging the manifesto lines with your 36" up and seven foot static gap.

EDIT: Ya I tried to get an account, but I suddenly FELT REALLY SICK:( . Feeble cough cough.