Aorja says, "check out my super wall! http://apps.facebook.com/superwall/view.php?id=1567905635&owner_id=754895135- it’s lush!!

actually, i’ve made another vid as well here http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=vgtjpNXfRWo - what do you think?

For anyone who isn’t a member of facebook, heres the youtube link to the first one.
http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ocw4XpgC9 … re=related

ps. cheers for that edd- sometimes i forget not everyone can see what i see

	The URL contained a malformed video ID.

Man, I hate it when they malform! :frowning:

Bad ass AJ, keep riding hard, you’re definately getting close to the top!

Team Voodoo 4 Life


nice one mate, looking good!

IN september sometime we shoudl go for a ride, cause i’ll be in cambridge which ain’t too far from where you are if i’m right.