Voodoo Unicycles T-Shirts at EUC 2011

Hey guys,

Joe Baxter and I will be at EUC this weekend, primarily to party and ride with you all but we will also be selling the 2010/11 Voodoo Unicycles T-shirts.

If anyone would like to buy one, let me know and I’ll bring one for you, the correct size and colour. They are 16€ and come in black or white, in small, medium or large.

If you have Facebook, follow the link for pictures: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=500191275448&set=a.468848205448.240991.223313725448

If you don’t, I’ll try and upload a picture later in the day.

Thanks guys, can’t wait for EUC!


Here is a sample picture for you all to marvel at.

I’m sure you guys appreciate I’m bumping this up for all the right reasons.

the shirts progressively get sexier.

i like’em, tell mcmullin to bring me back one.

Great Justin, I’ll keep one a side for you. Thanks for your support.

I´d like one of the blueish (I am colour blind) in L

and I guess some others who don´t reed this wanna have one…

ride on, so long
glad to meet you there!

Hi Jogi,

I’m afraid we only have black and white left, but I will bring a large in each and you can decide then.

Thanks for the support, I hope you guys will wear your t-shirts with pride.


I really will:D
black is beatiful,
white is excellent cause you see better the blood and the mud :roll_eyes:

i want a black one too, in M, i’m not at the euc, but jogi will take it for me, thanks!