Voodoo Unicycles T-shirt Competition!

Hey guys and girls,

Don’t know how many of you are aware of us and what we do, but we’ve got a little competition going. We have 2 of our limited edition 2010/2011 t-shirts to give away. To enter all you have to do is become a fan on Facebook!
Once we have 1000 fans we’ll put all the fans into a hat and draw out 2 winners, simple!

Heres the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Voodoo-Unicycles/223313725448

Heres a short video explaining the comp:

Good luck and thanks for all your ongoing support, we really appreciate it!

The Voodoo Team

All those of us that are already fans don’t have to click anything and we’ll be put in the draw I assume? Surprised there’s not already 1000 of us :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, existing fans are automatically entered! :slight_smile:
To speed up the process, invite all your friends and we’ll hit the 1000 mark even quicker! :smiley:

…but, but I’m Billy No-Mates :smiley:

let em see if i enter on the right place haha , now is about 630 fans right? if i am right i already is a fan!

They are wicked looking shirts :slight_smile: