Voodoo Unicycles on The Slammer

Hey everyone,

Back in March we went and filmed for kids tv show ‘The Slammer’. It was aired on Friday and GKmac kindly recorded it for us.

We filmed a Vlog of the day, which you can see here:

Here is what was shown on the tv:

Comment and enjoy! :slight_smile:


Looks like a fun time and good promotion of the sport guys. Good job.
I also love the fact that you made a behind the scenes video of it. I watched every minute. The actual trip and extras of stuff that you did made everything so much better. Continue the good work fella’s.


Nice job i had lots off fun watching it. Keep up the good demo work!

Great performance, it shows that you’ve worked on making it entertaining.

What is required to be “set free” in The Slammer? Will you guys appear another time?

That looks great.

Funny thing was…this week I was tempted to get a Voodoo D-Jab Titanium moujntainbike frame.

Didn’t realise they did unicycles as well!

It’s a ‘Clapometer’ which measures how much the audience cheer for the act they want to win, then the winner is released.
I don’t think it’s very accurate though :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the positive feedback guys. We love making the vlogs, we thought it was a good opportunity to share these unique experiences with everyone else, it tells the story behind the finished article and it’s nice that it’s appreciated.


Oh! I’m pretty sure this show has aired in Australia. I didn’t see your performance, but I caught another unicycle act a while ago.

But anyway, really solid stuff! And great promotion :slight_smile: