Voodoo Unicycles - King Of The Road series

Hey guys and girls!

The final video from Voodoo Unicycles King Of The Road competition is finished!
Teams were given a list of tasks to complete over one weekend, each task worth a certain number of points. The team with the most points wins.

Congratulations to The Peoples Champions for coming 1st place. Check out how far they went to win in the final video from the series.

The People’s Champions consisted of:

Jason Auld
Joe Baxter
Iain Schofield
Rebecca Johnson

Heres the rest of the videos, in place order.

2nd place: The Bosses

Edd Hawkes
Mike Swarbrick
Matt Wood
Joe Sidebotham
Sam Goodburn

3rd Place: Team 1up

Cameron Peacock
and 4 other guys who didn’t bother.

Respect to Cameron for getting so many points on his own, beating an entire team of 6 people in the process!

4th Place: Team Nosh

Simon Berry
Mike Taylor
Emily Johnson
Alister Burt
Jake Bulmer
Claire Wood

Well done to all the teams for making the weekend a great success. We’ll be holding it again next year. Hopefully we’ll have some international teams entering too!

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See you next time!
Team Voodoo

Proof you don’t need tremendous skills or a bunch of riders to make a really good vid:D:D

Cameron is my new hero. Does he have a Youtube account?

Haha cheers guys. Cameron recently starred in his very own video on our channel.


Heres a link to his personal Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/JustCambo


Check out some of the deleted scenes that didn’t feature in any of the above videos, see it as the DVD extras of “Voodoo Unicycles’ King of the Road”.

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