Voodoo Unicycles - Jason Auld and Iain Schofield: SnUnicycling Part 1

Snow has ruined the beautiful streets of Edinburgh, so Iain and myself decided to go and teach the white stuff a lesson. Unfortunately, like Rocky in Rocky 1, we got schooled. Check it out and please subscribe!

Just watched this on fb, tis amusing. :wink:

heh, i’ve said on FB, love it! very fun :slight_smile:


Thanks! :wink:

You can’t watch Youtube in Germany? That’s criminal!

Here is a Vimeo link for all the German fans out there.

lol isnt that from my video thread?

Haha, very funny to watch :stuck_out_tongue: Expecting snow in my area tomorrow :smiley:

I’d die from depression if I had to ride in the snow.

Thanks Christian,

That makes me feel so much better whilst looking out my window :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for watching guys.


Cool :smiley: The spot at 2:30 isn’t that the same as Danny MacAskill is using in his April 2009 video at 3:30? :wink:

You’re right. Lots of the spots in this video will also match up with spots in Danny’s videos as we’re from the same city. It’s a beautiful place to be but it can be difficult to find good riding spots, the snow really doesn’t help!

Thanks for the positive feedback.


Youtube su*** in all ways, mostly becaue you loose all rights of your own vid. Since maybe 2 years exists one reason more to hate it. If I try to play your vid it shows me just this text (in my language):

In 99% the text shows me the music would contain stuff from Sony Music Entertainment.

Your vid was fun to watch. I hate riding in the snow, except downhill.

Thanks for sharing. Ist your old England-teaser still online somewhere?

Greetings from Berlin

btw: Your website doesn’t work…