Voodoo Unicycles Jam - Feb 2010

Hey guys,

We hosted a jam a couple of weeks ago, heres the video:

Watch in HD :smiley:


cool stuff guys, looks like a really good time had by all :slight_smile: some nice tricks and lines in there!

Nice vid! Loved the sidehops.

nice vid liked it:)

Really nice vid. The first minute was long tho… Funny to see a bald head there :stuck_out_tongue: The clip with everyone failing their trick down the curb was cool haha. Anyone wanna grind the rail at 4:58? :stuck_out_tongue: It was nice to see Mike in action, overall pretty enjoyable vid, but the first min was too long, other than that, I really enjoyed it!

just so good to see that mike is riding again :slight_smile:

great vid

I’ve always wanted to do that thing with the skateboard. Looks like it takes balls :stuck_out_tongue:
Simon, you look like my friend who just got back into unicycling :smiley:
Great video. Awesome that Mike is riding again:)

Cheers guys. Glad you like the vid.
The guy on the 24" is meeee :smiley:

u hav a sick 24" style! i wana c more of ur street riding


Cheers guys :slight_smile: Im not that good at street though. Im starting to think about doing a 24" vid.


Check it, the one trick I did was the set. Hahaha. We need to go for a ride again soon. The vid was well good! Where’s the film from Live 'N Deadly?



Aaahahahaha, everyone look at 6:08 :wink:

EDIT: you owe me money Jas!

How did you figure that out Mike? If anything you owe me for my share in the Tesco fruit juice that I didn’t drink.

That video was hilarious. Love the good times unicycling provides. Great pick-up on the show too, it looked pretty good I thought!

Hahaha, Edd took that I think! I meant for train tickets and that.

The vodka got drunk that night. Without the juice. Messy times! :smiley: