Voodoo Unicycles - End of 2011

Hey everyone,

2011 was a crazy year, right?
Revolution in Egypt, earthquakes in Japan, riots in London, Osama Bin Laden, Kim Jong-Il and Colonel Gaddafi all dead…WOW! But more importantly than all of that Voodoo Unicycles had a crazy time, promoting Street and Trials Unicycling, doing crazy stunts and raising money for charities like UNICEF. Check out our new video, 2011 in review. Please tell us what you think by commenting and if you like it please share it with friends.




Wow!!! It certainly looks like you guys had one awesome year! Great video and editing

I enjoyed this A LOT, especially the bits I’m in.

Why does this not have more comments? It’s the perfect mix of Street, Trials, MUni, Flat and banter. What more do you want?