Voodoo Unicycles - Edd Hawkes, 24" Street

Team Voodoo Unicycles rider Edd Hawkes is at home on his 24" in any environment and this is his Street vid. No one has the style that Edd has on the bigger wheel and the bigger wheel means more speed, bigger gaps and more flow.Check out this video, leave a comment, share with friends and family, just show Edd some love.

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noone else except cedric vincent…

+1, cedrix still owns eveybody who does street…
nice vid :wink: good style…
maby also start to grind… handrails on big wheels looks so nice :slight_smile:

Haha, I knew you guys would say that, but he rides a 26" No doubt Cedric is king but Edd is creeping up on him.

Expect big things.

Thanks for the feedback boys.

To be honest, no one does have the style that Edd has, it’s so individual and flowy!!

Yes, Cedric goes bigger and has style, But it’s stylish in a different way to Edd!!

i like it, keep it up edd

nice one edd! :slight_smile: cant wait to join in on this big wheel street…looks like so much fun

I really liked your grinds and flow. But I’m pretty sure that song has been used before and it looked like you had different camera men because sometimes it was really smooth then really shaky. Anyways, I really liked the smooth filming.

Sick! I wish Qu-Ax unicycles were easier to get in the US

Hey has anyone heard of 22" rims? There’s a bmx company in the UK called Faction that’s pushing their new BMX b*kes that have 22" rims. If someone could get their hands on one and build up a 22" street uni, it would be awesome!

Thanks for the love guys :slight_smile:
Sorry about all the shakey footage. This was meant to be a really nicely filmed vid with nice angles and smooth shots, but I hurt my back so just decided to stick together what I had.

24" is so much fun for street, you can get so much speed, I love it. Not got handrails yet, but im working on them. They’re scary! :frowning:

Nice vid, good inspiration! :wink:

What cranks are you using? 125?

That was really cool! some of the filming was really good!! :smiley: Flowy style :wink:

keep it up dude!

Sick! love the line at 2:20.

Just a technical question- When you were filming the moving shots were you walking/jogging with the camera in hand?

Dude… I actually really love this video. Loved all the flowy pedal grabs, stalls and the footplant. I love people that put their whole body into their street riding. I don’t do it so much because I use a LOT of flips… but yeah man this is wicked cool street, love it.

from 1:25 and on t was pretty sweet. it was like once you got that tire and those cranks someone gave you style and flow steroids! :roll_eyes: What tire and cranks is that? i love your style

cool places. it wont be long before your bustin out handrails though :slight_smile:

I loved the shot of the ledge transfers, nice and smooth.

Cheers everyone. The stuff thats smoother is actually on my old wheelset (KH/Onza splined). I bought a Mad4one hub and moment cranks and tachoed the wheel so I put my old set back in. I can pedalgrab so much easier with the KH/Onza cranks, I think its the Q factor, the moments feel really narrow in comparison.

Think I’ll keep this setup for street then. Seems to work better with my style.

Oh, heres a Vimeo link for all your Germans that couldn’t see it before :slight_smile:


To answer Raymanh’s question.
A lot of the shots were filmed freehand, but some of the rolling ones were filmed from a bike or skateboard. I also have a track dolly, which was used to film the clip at 1:13. Expect to see more of that in Voodoo videos soon :wink:

Great video!

the riding was flowy and the edit was fun to watch as well :smiley:

Awesome! Smooth riding, looking forward to more 24’’ street.