Voodoo Unicycles 24 Hour Display in aid of UNICEF

Voodoo Unicycles will be embarking on their greatest challenge yet! Come July 30th, Team Voodoo and 6 friends, will be attempting to do the world’s first 24 hour Extreme Unicycling display in Edinburgh to raise money for UNICEF, a charity which helps children and mothers in developing countries. 12 of the countries top riders in Street, Trials and Flatland, will split into groups, making sure that at least 4 riders are on the course at one time, allowing the others to take in food, drink and rest. They will keep doing this for 24 earth hours, that’s one whole day of non-stop Extreme Unicycling entertainment!!!

The demo will start at 12pm on July 30th and end 12pm July 31st, at the National Galleries on The Mound, in Edinburgh.

Please support our cause by donating through our Just Giving page http://www.justgiving.com/voodoounicycles24hours.

More info to come, keep your eyes on http://www.voodoounicycles.com

Check out our first bit of publicity for the demo next month, hopefully the first of many.


Please show your support.

The page is now live on our website!
We’ve raised £250 so far, thanks for everyones generosity so far.

Please dig deep and donate, every little really does help :slight_smile:

Thank you

Team Voodoo

You guys are great, as soon as I get paid and have a few extra dollars its for this.
Keep up your great work and keep doing it with unicycles :slight_smile:

Can you believe it, we’re struggling to get sponsors to support our 24 hour demonstration in aid of UNICEF.

If anyone in the Unicyclist community thinks they can help us, maybe has friends in high places (no matter how high or low), we’d really appreciate it. Not only is this a world’s first in Unicycling, nothing like this has ever been attempted in other Urban Sports and of course, the money raised will go to helping the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves in developing countries. Curing those who otherwise would have died of primitive diseases, things we wouldn’t think twice about here. Supporting mothers who find it hard enough to feed themselves, let alone the multiple children they may have.

At the risk of sounding desperate, if you can help, please please PLEASE get in touch. Either post back here or email us through the website www.voodoounicycles.com. Less than 4 weeks to go!


Hi Jason, I’ve posted it on a small business forum, silly question but have you contacted all the local newspapers? + any local community websites. Maybe good old flyering in show windows closer to the time?

And finally… Bump. :smiley:


Cheers for that. Yeah, we’ve contacted all local papers, we’ve even had a few articles and blog posts about it.



Theres still plenty of time to donate! See our website for more information and to donate using your debit/credit card. Its very secure! http://voodoounicycles.com/demo.php

Thanks, much love

Voodoo xxx

If all 8852 of you guys donate ONLY £1 to UNICEF for our 24 hour demo, we’ll be almost double over our target. So far, only 15 people have donated. If this has embarrased you into donating, click on this link and get it done! http://www.voodoounicycles.com/demo.php

Thanks to everyone who has already donated or is just about to :wink:


Alright guys and girls!

Leo and I went out riding yesterday and filmed a short vid to try and promote our 24 hour demo.


Please donate, links in the other posts :slight_smile:

Ok guys, only a week left until the big day(s) now!
Check out this promo by Mike and Simon

Please donate and spread this link around: VoodooUnicycles.com is for sale | HugeDomains

We are also looking for one rider to come and help demo with us. You will have to be competent in either street or trials, be able to ride our rig without problems (Boxes are 1ft and 3ft high, normally have 4/5ft gaps in between) and ideally have experience of riding in front of an audience under pressure. If you think you’re upto it and can get to Edinburgh for 30th July, reply here or send us an email. Contact details on our website: VoodooUnicycles.com is for sale | HugeDomains


So, how did it go?