viva la grischa

…was the name of our summer muni tour 2009 (grischa is an area in switzerland). we rode 5 days in the swiss alps, the highest point was 3260masl (hiking uphill, no lift).
it was fantastic, we had sunshine, rain, snow, wind…excellent cabins (sometimes we cooked ourselfs) we made 9000 downhill meters and 4000uphill meters.
i was with my 26" with a 2.5 tyre which really was bad, i had 3 flats and the tyre had also a hole (not only the tube).
beside that we had three defects with the brake-lines (so i rode without it).

we had no injuries, and besides of the defects it was grandious, a perfect riding week (ok riding and hiking) it was almost 100% singltrails…

we made alot of pics, if you like here are about 180:

That looks absolutely superb. I really like big mountains - not sure if my nerves could handle that singletrack so close to the cliffs though… I like the height but really don’t like edges!


I love this picture.:smiley: