Visiting SoCal, looking for muni

Hi, I’ll be in Santa Monica area for a week starting tomorrow. I’d love to hook up for some Muni. I’ll bring my kh24, and will have a car. I could head up to Santa Barbara if anyone is riding up there, especially on the weekend.


Well, you would be very close to Sullivan Canyon, whcih I ride regularly. This past Saturday, I covered 11.7 miles with over 1,800 elvation gain. It’s an excellent endurance ride, beautiful and scenic.

And there are plenty of drop opportunities if you care to partake. I’ll probabaly be out there tomorow or Wednesday. You can PM me if you want to meet up.

I encourage you to make the trip to Santa Barbara if possible. There are almost always a few guys up there that can ride during the week, like Hans, Phil and Eyal.

Sullivan is a cute ride, certainly fun. JL and I might be up for more of a bomber-style run this weekend, but have no plans yet.

PM me your email address / contact phone # and I’ll pass it around.

yep, just shoot me a PM! I hope to ride in or near SB this weekend.