visiting San Diego any trials riders?

Hey just wondering if there are any unicyclists around the san Diego area who are interested in riding some trials between the 10 and 18th of July.

I am going to be there with lots of time on my hands and my trials unicycle.

reply if your interested, hopefully there is someone in that area looking to ride.

            Joey Cohn

o o o, pick me, pick me! :smiley:

Yea, there are a few of us trialers here and a few more muni folk.

I’m always up for a ride.

So what are you gonna be doing here, may i ask?

If you got AIM, my SN is mango8chicken.

Take care. -erik


I am gonna be out there for a Frisbee tournament but there is a really lot of down time involved in that and its only Monday through Friday so I have allot of time.

Sounds awesome I wish I could bring my muni but I cant really manage the space for it or the energy with all the Frisbee but am definitely up for trials, are there any particular days that work best for you?

I will try and catch you on aim my sn is unicyclejoey.


Erik is a freak. Watch out.