Visiting NZ South Island: Muni Suggestions?

Hi folks,

I’m bringing my 29" Muni to NZ in a couple of weeks, & intending to do some day rides along the Otago Central Rail Trail.

Does anyone have any suggestions for some other cruisy cross country Muni day trips?


yep- have a look at this vid for some inspiration

We did heaps of great muni in the south Island after UNICON. If you have any questions about the trails in the vid then feel free to ask.


I’m working on a slideshow of our 2007 SINZ unicycle tour- hope to get it out next week. In the meantime, check out the website:

The Rail Trail is fun- quite flat but pretty. It can get quite windy though. Here is a video of me retrieving my Coker after being blown off:

Also, it’s worth checking out the Queen Charlotte Walkway if you are at the top of the SI:

The Otago Rail Trail is quite tame, though very scenic nonetheless. It was a part of the SINZ unitour in 2007, as Ken mentioned. There are loads of good muni trails in Otago and Central Otago. Queenstown and Wanaka are particularly good. There are some good (and loooong) rides around Alexandra and Clyde too. The West Coast holds some epic rides in native bush. I highly recommend getting a copy of the Kennett Brothers’ book: Classic NZ Mountain Bike Rides

Thanks everyone,

The videos were inspiring, & I’ll be buying the book in Christchurch.


Thanks again folks,

I can confirm, “Classic NZ Mountain Bike Rides” is an awesome resource for anyone planning to visit the shakey isles.

Here’s some of the video we shot there:


Sweet as! Nice video. Have you done the Rail Trail yet?
I just did it with my 26" around New Years… It’s awesome, although it can be really hot.