visiting New York City 09/29-10/2

Hey New Yorkers, how the heck are you? My wife is coming up there on business and I am going to tag along from Minnesota and free load on her company dime.:smiley:

I would absolutely love to do some riding in the city while I’m there. I ride a Koxx One track monster 26 here in MN. If anyone has a couple of hours they can burn on Monday 10/1 and that has a spare UNI I could cruise, that would be awesome. I’ll buy us a couple of rounds of beers and a slice after. I’ll be staying at the Hyatt House, white plains. I’d live to get a pic of me riding in central park or right in the heart of NYC. I’m a 43 yr old dude. I won’t be the guy that bounces your saddle on the sidewalk 20 times either. I do actually know how to ride. Whaddu ya think? can we work something out? I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.

thanks, Tony

You can try to contact the members of the New York Unicycle Club! Here is their website:

Good luck and have fun in NY!!!