Visiting Europe Looking for People to Ride With

I’m leaving for France in about 7 hours! Sorry this is a little late :p. Anyways if anyone in Europe wants to ride for a day or two I will be traveling around with my family for about 5 weeks. I will be attending EUC09 but I would also like to ride with other people out side of that.

I will be going to:
-Spain? (maybe)

Please PM me or contact me via facebook if you would like to ride and are in one of those areas, it would be greatly appreciated!


-Mikiah Raffaeli

In Paris, every Tuesday evening there is a very nice uni ride inside Paris
Departure is at 20:30 at Forum des Halles (Les Halles subway station), close to the carousel

During the week-end, we organize different rides off-road or road in the west suburb (78 or 92 departments), other also in East side (94 department)

On Saturday there is also a ride inside Paris. Previous link from Emile will give you all you need to visit us in Paris !!!

My nickname in French forum is the same so don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

When and where will you be in Austria?