Visible Evidence of Progress!

Yeow! I’m so excited by recent events in my quest to become a unicyclist that I’ve got to tell somebody about it. Since no one around here is interested in hearing me talk about unicycling, you all are elected!

Four months after the surgery to repair the ankle that I broke on my 3rd day of trying to learn to ride, desire overcame prudence and I cautiously climbed back onto the saddle again. Since my ankle was only marginally operational, the muscles in my right leg were about as strong as a bucket of veal, and I was truly terrified of falling and re-injuring myself, I had to chart a careful course.

So I rigged up a pair of handrails in the shop, giving myself a 16’ long “safety track,” where I could hopefully develop some basic skills without undue danger of traumatic damage. For weeks, practicing 30 minutes to an hour a day, the most common thought that ran through my mind was, “Who do you think you’re fooling? Unless gravity decides to take a holiday this is plainly impossible. How can anyone do this?”

Clinging to the hope that if I persisted long enough my body would eventually develop the requisite reactions in spite of my mental protestations, I soldiered on. After about 18 hours between the handrails I was given a glimmer of hope when I actually rode the length of my track without touching the rails. (I’ve been keeping a time sheet so I can give Klass Bill some accurate figures for his chart.) Naturally I was unable to repeat the feat the rest of that day. Since then, however, with every passing day my ratio of “clean” runs to “pinball passes” (wherein I ricochet off the rails and get splinters in my hands from desperate saves) has improved.

Today I was practically riding the length of my track “at will” (well, 50% of the time anyway!), making little zigs to correct for lateral imbalance, and deliberately slowing down before crashing into the drill press at the west end of my course! If it wasn’t for the persistent pain in my crotch I would have thought it was someone else perched up there.

No matter how frisky I get to feeling, I’m determined to remain between my handrails until the ankle has had six months to heal (that would be July 10), and even then I’ll have a huge psychological barrier to overcome before launching myself into the abyss. (I think Mikefule calls it “situation specific anxiety!")

But doggonit, Gild, I’m on the way … I will be one of y’all!

Whoo! Go you! The first unassisted ride is one of the best feelings in the world, congrats!

sweet, I remember the first time I rode for any distance worth talking about. It is a great feeling

Congrats on progressing despite your injury and apprehension to ride again. Keep it up and give us an update on July 10th!

Good work. Stubbornness is necessary in this sport. But don’t stay too long between the rails. I learned unicycling between two walls and the moment I went outside on the parking lot I made a huge leap in progress. Having room to wiggle, swivel and wobble is important. You can’t go from zero to riding in a perfectly straight line.

Keep practising! :slight_smile:

Hello Ronnie, How is it rolling? Last post you were making great progress. Hope all is well.

Great news there Ronnie! Keep up the good work. You give “young” guys like me inspiration! :sunglasses:

Are veal buckets strong?

Congratulations on your progress! I was also cautios at first.(still am, I hope)

Go Ronnie! Go Ronnie! It’s your birthday! :wink:

Almost 1 year ago I was still struggling to get down my street and around my the corner. My total lack of natural balance was determined to smite any notion that I had of unicycling. This morning I finished my second 28 mile ride. Just remember this, It may seem like it’s impossible but it’s really only a test. Eventually your body will give in to your persistance and allow to you ride that dang thing. Sometimes it takes hours to convince it, sometimes months. (me) Eventually it will happen though.

woot! keep up the good work! now its only a matter of busting through the mental barrier thats keeping you attached to the rails… Time to bust outta the workshop!

Congrats, If you start to do muni or hill climbing you will notice that your legs get very strong.

Did that happen during the training, or only just on the same day of your first unicycle “steps”?

Either way, good to hear you got it now!

4 months of no cycling, because of your ankle?
Today I was watching this BMX movie
Go to: click HB and wait, then click movie #1 and #2