Viscount seats

uNICycle writes:
> Does anybody else out there with a Viscount seat have troubles with the
> plastic guards coming off? Mine has crossed threads on the screws that hold
> it in. Two of my friends screws always come loose, and the covers always work
> themselves loose. Any solutions?

I also have this problem. My solution is to gaffer-tape the guards to the seat.
This is a bit untidy, but otherwise works very well. My Viscount seat is almost
a year old, and apart from the gaffer tape and the loose screws, it is still in
mint condition.

The only other problem with the Viscount seats is that they are a bit hard to
grasp with a hand when powering up hills and the like. Otherwise, they seem to
be excellent seats to me. Certainly they are an infinite improvement on the
Tiawanese seats that almost everyone is Australia seems to use.