Viscount seats/hurting!/270 one footed pedals

well for starters, today i put on my viscount seat, then startint at 5:17 i went out and tried to glide, i did that for maybe .5 hour, didnt get it, but tried, then i started to try to ride one footed, with my left foot on the frame, i did that, and beat my old record by 170 i think, i did 270 rotations, of the pedals, i went down the very small hill, (hills are easiest to ride one footed on) and then around the corner, then down the next street ont eh side walk, it was fun, but after riding one footed for about 1.5 hours pretty much straight, my foot started to hurt. So i came inside and phoned a friend to go bking, so we went, after riding for 3 hours on my viscount seat, I WAS REALLY REALLY HURTING! HOW CAN ANYONE RIDE A VISCOUNT SEAT FOR LONGER THAN AN HOUR? well all i have to say for now. oh yeah i got back at like 8:30 i think

we dont. we ride on carbon fiber air miyatas


Your riding with too much weight off the Viscount De Sade- blood is getting to your organs. Try riding firmly in the sadle- you won’t notice a think after a couple hours…


You know, I guess there’s always going to be the cheap inferior version of everything, but it’s amazing to me that there is no off-the-shelf comfortable unicycle saddle. The Miyata airsaddle conversion is pretty great, but to my knowledge, there isn’t anything out there that’s comfortable out of the box. It seems like the market is ripe. Miyata should do their own airsaddle. If mass produced, a saddle-shaped bladder that inflates like a tire tube wouldn’t be too expensive.

I had do my conversion before shipping, so I’ve never been on an un-altered Miyata. How are those?


My United Trainer from is a Miyata with NO conversion. It is not too bad, especially for street riding and stuff where I get off and on a lot. I sometimes ride it up to 5 hours (though 3.5 hours is more typical for me in one stretch) without much discomfort, but then again I get off every 5 minutes just because a car comes at the wrong time or I try to do something and fail, or somebody stops to talk with me, or whatever.

So, the normal Miyata is decent. I like it fine. That said, I will probably always get the air conversions from now on.


once you ride air nothing compares

When it comes to trials riding and general messing around in the street skate style (not continuous in the seat all the time, lots of falling/ getting off), i prefer a viscount seat. Your fingers don’t get squeezed as i find they do with a miyata handle, and seat out is more comfy to grip the side of the saddle (Yeah, i know the alterations that can be made to stop pain on the miyata).
By the way, the only alterations to my viscount i have made have been to hollow out a little more the inside/ underside of the front bumper so that 3 fingers can more confortably fitted in there. I have also strapped alot of duck tape around the bumper to secure it to the seat, and in turn have started gripping this tape with two fingers while using one on the bumper. Hard to picture, but it’s real comfy and provides alot of control.

Anyway, VISCOUNT rocks, in a wierd kinda way.

Re: Viscount seats/hurting!/270 one footed pedals

all i have to say is, after several 80$ shitunis i’ve gotten for lack
of funding to buy a decent uni, when my brothers pashly with the
viscount seat on it came along it was like an angle come to me from
heaven. i have yet to ride a miyata for more then a few seconds, but
i can tell you that compared to what else is out there, the viscount
is not that bad. theres a reason only ships 2 types of
seats standard on there unicycles. one’s halfway decent, ones
expencive and really damn nice, and everything else, is crap