Viscount Seat Question

Does anyone know if the standard Viscount seat ($24 on UDC) has a cover that can be removed and replaced?

I would love to do the airseat conversion with a bicycle tube, but when I tried to remove the “cover” off the standard Sun saddle, I discovered the hard way that the foam is one-piece.

Thanks in advance…


Sure, the foam is in one-piece also on the Viscount. But you can make a cut (horizontal) along the middle, put in a 12" tube and place the foam piece back on top of it all. Then you can stretch a KH Fusion cover over the saddle. At least that is what I have done.

Here is a thread where pdc shows how he did it.

The standard viscount cover does not take too kindly to being removed and replaced. I’ve done it before in order to fix spinning bolts and it was never quite the same afterwards.

Also from memory the foam is actually glued to the seat base so it will take careful prising to remove it.

When removing the cover you also have to pull it off areas where it is glued down. When you remount the cover the bumpers help to hold it down but it is going to look fairly wrinkly unless you reglue it.

Have you tried an airseat yet? Some people rave about them but I personally favour the UDC gel saddle over my air seat. It takes a lot of fiddling to get an air seat just right. You will probably end up removing and remounting stuff serveral times to get the set up comfortable so it is advisable to have something like a fusion cover to make the continual mounting and remounting less of a pain.

Thanks! I guess the Viscount seat isn’t really suitable. I couldn’t find the UDC gel seat on the site. Where is it?