Viscount seat converting question

does any one know how to get a front lift handle on to a viscount saddle, because it doesn’t have any bolts or any other shrim shram to attach it to I know someone put a handle on one but I can’t think of there name as its getting into the wee hours of the evening:p thanks for any help


I have seen alot of people that just drilled holes in the seat base and popped them in. You would have to take part of the cover off though.

so what did they use to attach it firmly, just some screws?

I think just good old fashioned nuts and bolts, similar to whats used in a kh, plus probably some washers.

Take off old handle

Remove the metal nubs that the old handle screws into. I just used a big drill plus a hammer for this, but if you’ve got a hacksaw or a dremel, that’d be more sensible.

Work out where your KH handle is going to go, and drill a little dent through each hole to mark the bottom of the base.

Get some M6 (I think) nuts and bolts, same size as the KH comes with.

Drill holes.

Fold up the covering a bit, then bung bolts through the holes.

Attach handle to bolts.

You’ll end up tearing the top of the seat a bit, you can either do something professional looking with it, or else you can just bung gaffa tape on it wrapped round the seat, which seems to work okay.

It must be easy to do, because I managed it first time and I’m not exactly a DIY person.


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