Viscount Sadle Surgery

Hey, Kids! It’s time to play doctor with Mr. Viscount- don’t worry, he knows he had it coming!

After just a couple snip snip’s, you’ll be riding like a new man… uhh… person. Your thighs will thank you- mine already have.

The sacrafices the bumper makes for our comfort doesn’t shorten it’s usefullness- most of the wear on this guy was just forward of the scalpel line…


Christopher, were you trying to make a point? I thought I was going to read about some sort of conversion or something, but I dont quite understand what is going on. Please explain
-David Kaplan

I think what he’s trying to say, young man, is that sometimes judicious trimming can save your bottom line. Not unlike an election, realy.



The front bumper on the V projects out further than the seat padding- presenting a sharp edge to the tender flesh of the inner-upper thigh. You can safely loose at least an inch on either side without compromising the bumper- and you’ll no longer wince when initiating a hop.


I don’t have a problem with my viscount front bumper, maybe I need larger thighs.


Dr. Rhysling-

Have you also done an enhancement/reduction surgery which saves the digits during said hops? The Viscounts that I have want to punish my fingertips in the worst way.

Ahh now i see what you did. I do have one comment, however. You need to wear longer shorts. I dont have a prob with the bumpers, besides that they keep falling off. The thing that the screws go into are not machined too well.
-David Kaplan

Al, really, a man of your education and position making simple spelling errors!!!

Spelling police please…

Re: Viscount Sadle Surgery

if anyone has a problem with the comfort levels of a viscount, try this.
when hopping, hold the seat at the side, not the front.
try putting some tubing along the side of the seat, split lengthways and fixed
with silicone/mastic or tape wrapped around the seat.
if you hold the front of the seat, splodge a load of silicone/mastic along the
underside of the front bumper.
if your bumpers keep falling off, remove them and splodge loads more silicone/
mastic where they sit and then refix them.
these are very cheap ways to improve your viscount but there is a more expensive
way to improve your seat… buy a miyata.

although it’s obvious i’ll say it anyway…
wait for the silicone/mastic to dry before resuming play-time !!!

Unidak writes:

Use a small nut and bolt and drill the holes to size. Sorry for the bad pic (crap dig camera).

Viscount should update their Uni saddle, they use Titanium rails and Kevlar reinforcement in their bike saddles.



How much riding, and what type, do you do on your V? After 3 hours in one day, I start to lose skin. This skin would be well above the line of my shorts, at the joint.


The V is much harder to link to with the bumper on; those screw brackets are not your friend. With the bumper on, I blood blister the side of my middle finger. I can achieve a much stronger link with the bumper removed- at the expence of the front end. Eventualy, the metal up front will become sharp- better have good calouses by that point. With bumper off, I develope a fairly hefty blood blister, then calouse, on the ring finger, and the nail will curl down slightly. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Anyway, I can effect a much stronger link with the bumper off; I think some hammer work and liberal application of tape could make it comfortable. I have refrained from doing so in antisipation of a new handle/bumper I have yet to tool up for…


Scoobie Dooe Ending

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Re: Viscount Sadle Surgery

Has anyone ever screwed Miyata bumpers into a viscount base? How’d it work?
just wondering…

-Dylan eh