Viscount airseat conversion

I know it’s been done. I recall seeing pics where a section of the foam was cut out to hold an inner tube. I’m doing this to my Viscount but have run into qustions like how much foam to cut away? tube size? do I need a tube sock? etc. etc.

I’ve pulled the cover off and have started hoping it would be a weekend project. My backup seat is the original Torker saddle. I’d rather not go back to it if I really screw this up. Please send along any words of advise via reply or PM. :slight_smile:


I think it can be done, although I havent done it.

What I would do is model it on the Miyata air seats and not the sock one.

First thing I would do it make a cover for it out of some hevy duty cloth. I think the original cover is going to do you any good for an air seat.

Next I would strip the seat down to metal and drill a hole through the back for the innertube valve stem.

Keep some of the original foam to put on top of the tube under your cover.

Then do they normal air seat conversion.

Goodluck with your project.

i have perfromed this opperation, with the help of an upholstrer mind;)

i dont think we removed any of the origonal foam, apart from maybe a bit near the back where the vlave needed to stick through.

i used a 12.5" inertube, but this was the wrong size, the next one up was 14" i should have used that really. my friend (the upholstrer) re covered it in denim, which was rather narly (it went all worn-look after a while:D ) we also put some low density foam inbetween the innertube where there was no inertube, which worked ok. it was ok i suppose, better than before but not all that great.

if i were you i’d get a miyata and convert that, i use the KH now and they’re comfortable enough.

good luck


Here’s an old thread about Viscount air seat conversions: thread
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Viscount Air Saddle Photos

I`ve used the dog bone style air padding. I´ve also removed all of the foam. And added a KH handle that fits the metal base really well!!!


The worst point is the rear bumper!!! If you convert a miyata you dont have this problem, rear bumpers are great. (THIS IS A PHOTO)

I preffer viscount because it is stiffer an I love the custom nailon cover, but in the other hand the KH rear bumper doesnt fit weel and it is broken rigth now!!!

Any idea??

                     Pepe ( )

PD: I think I could re shape the metal base to be kh like.

Here’s mine. I’m still working on it.

I’ve done alot of searching to try to find out the best way to make a Viscount air saddle. I’ve read alot of instructions but does anyone have any pics? Specifically a pic of the proper amount and location of foam removal. Also what is the preferred tube size? Thanks for any input.

I originally used a 16’’ tube folded in four but it kept getting punctures, then I replaced it with an inner tube from a mountain board wheel stuffed in a sock which seems to work fine, I cut out the foam to fit the tube all the way to the seat base plate and then stuck some inner tube over the base plate for protection. Don’t cut out too much foam from the front as this I found was where I didn’t need the air padding but that depends on what size tube you are going to use. It’s Worth bolting on a handle if you haven’t all ready got one when you do the conversion. Then just glue back the cover using some sort of contact adhesive.

I want to make a viscount airseat too, and I have a spare Fusion cover. Can I use this, and how well will it work?

I was thinking of bolting on a KH front handle too.


Check the forums!!

Anyway… I posted that time ago, you can copy it into your pc and see frame by frame with a gif editor software if you are interested in a special step.

( animated gif instructions )

I have pictures of mine. Let me dig them up, resize and host. I used a 12" tube. In terms of how much foam to take off, I think the pics will speak for themselves. I never got to the cover. I gave the uni to my brother when I got my Summit. He finished the cover. Wow, I don’t even remember what it looked like. Let me dig up the pics. I have a study session that I have to go to tonight, but I’ll get back to you…

monociclos wrote:

I did. Although your tutorial is helpful it didn’t have pics of other than complete foam removal.

Look forward to seeing them.

Ok. I sure hope these work.

This one is the cutout. 12" tube shaped as shown.

This one is showing the piece of duct tape I put over the tube to keep it from bulging. You can try it, but it didn’t work for me. My brother is running it without the tape right now

This is the rockin’ orange vinyl that is currently covering the seat.

The seat originally went into in a sock to keep the tube in place. My bro later covered it without the sock.

You can see where I drilled the hole. I also put a few strips of duct tape so the edges of the hole don’t cut into the stem.

My brother with the seat in its current state. You can just barely see the outline of the tube.

My original plan was to glue the vinyl down over the sock. My bro covered the tube as is and now he is holding the sides of the cover down with a strip of duct tape running from one side to the other underneath the seat base. This was a huge experiment for me and it kinda got down two ways, so if this is confusing or you don’t understand something, just ask and I’ll be happy to help.

Good luck!

Ok so I guess people like to do it different ways. I like mine the most though.

Remove all the foam on the top of it, leave foam on the sides though this will keep your thighs from getting really raw;) . Make sure you tape all the bolts so your tube dosnt go flat on you.

Use a 12" tube its the perfict size for less fold, the less folding the better makes for a less lumpy seat. Try to see if you can get a wider 12" tube then normal also.

Make a cover Just get like the top of it sketched out to use as a pattern. The other part is about 36x4 its kinda depends how long to make it on the top of it. Oh and eyelets are really needed loops will just rip off.
I put a kinport handle on it and a torker bumper so I had something to hold and the back bumper did fall off every two seconds. Get some bolts the size of the holes in the handle and bumpers. Before that though you have to remove the old way of how the bumpers were held on because they are now in the way of the new parts so grind those parts off. Then drill the new holes where the handle needs to get by marking or just clamping the handle on.
Everything I added


Thanks for the help guys:)