Viscount air seat (photo’s)

Because of this forced non-riding time through my injured ankle I got around to spraying my custom handle and I’ve also made myself a nice Viscount air seat. I made the cover from leatherette and a tube bag from some old material I had lying around. I got some foam, an inner tube and other comfy stuff then put the whole lot together on top of the existing seat. This is totally reversible though I’m not sure why I would want to. I’ve put some photo’s up.

I got my son to test it out and his comment after was “I want one” so now I have to make another. I’ve also done the obvious PIP (post injury purchase) and I’ve got some Active Ankles now so how could I resist just a quick ride around the garden? I know I shouldn’t but I was careful and the pleasure of just getting back in the saddle after nearly four weeks, and a real comfy saddle at that, it was bliss. I seem to have better control over the uni and I think it’s because of the higher sides on the saddle.

You can’t prevent accidents but you can lessen the injury they cause, so my advice is to wear protection if you don’t want a time out from riding. And I now class a comfy saddle as protection :slight_smile:


[sp]Gary, that’s sweet! The vinal-like material I used looks like the thread might cut through it, and some of the gromettes have pulled through- any problems there on yours? Did you put the seam in front or back? Is it draw-stringed on bottom? Gromettes? Did you carve off any of the foam from the Viscount?

Very tight, pro-job!

Slightly OT: anybody use denim as a cover material? Opions? [/sp]


Tom the guy i sold my 29er to had a denim seat cover.if i used it i’d have to put the 501 label in the back for style points.

'That looks mighty classy Gary- like some soft leather designer furniture. Like the cateye computer too! Hope your ankle heals up soon so you can test it out.


p/s What do the active ankles look like- can you post a pic?

Rhysling wrote:

Have you got any pics of yours?

The leatherette (fake leather) I used is pretty strong but I really wanted to use leather after trying Roger’s leather cover, maybe I’ll make one of leather if the design works well. I used a drawstring as I figured it would spread the load better and I can’t find my grommet stuff anyway. With the bumpers on and my handle it doesn’t move. I put the seam at the back and I didn’t damage the original saddle ‘cause if it didn’t work I could just take it off and it’d be OK.

I spent quite some time making paper templates, which worked really well for the cover, it didn’t take long to make it and it worked first time but I had to make 3 tube bags before I got one I liked.

Cheers, Gary

GizmoDuck wrote:

There is a pic at

Cheers, Gary

[sp]Ahh… only since ya asked:

I found paper templates a great help as well. The dog bone came out ok, but there are some preferential changes I’d like to make. Most of the time was spent stitching the monstrocity together with an awl -not my first choice in tools. Mine definately looks like some primitive ancestor to your’s, Gary. Maybe something from the Noga age.[/sp]


Too clever by half and far too much time on your hands if you ask me :wink:

It looks pretty impressive. I might send you an order for 4 of them.

Good to see you’re back on one wheel, even if only briefly. I’ve discovered two great new routes on my side of town, and a new patch of woodland worth exploring.

Keep in touch.

Thanks for the photos, Gary. That is a very elegant looking seat. What are the estimates of the cost and time to make the seat. Do you have a sketch of the pattern available (with approximate dimensions) if folks wanted to copy it?

Thanks for all the good comments, here’s some replies (in no particular order):

With the material I bought I could make several, not sure how many but I’ll have a better idea when I make the next two and I’ll also keep a track of time. I’ve thought how to get the paper templates into the computer but they are larger than my scanner and I’d like to transfer them to vector images. Anyone got any ideas on software I could use?

I used a sewing machine; I couldn’t face sewing it by hand. How it looks is secondary to comfort, besides you can’t see it when you sit on it and yours looks fine to me. Have you only got the inner tube in there? Maybe you could pad it out with some foam or something.

If they are on the mild side I maybe up for trying them soon and you can give my air seat a test. I have found on my brief back garden rides that I get less pain in my ankle from riding than I do from walking it’s just dismounting I have to be careful with.

Cheers, Gary