Viscount Air seat Conversion

My body is telling me to convert to an air seat. I can find heaps of
info on converting miyata seats to air seats, but besides using
copious amounts of Duct tape, how can I do it with Viscount saddle?

Check out this thread:

Inflateable Royalty

If you’ve been getting by e-mail or news service, try the forum- it’s got lots of great features- like a searchable archive. :wink:



Here is another thread on Viscount air seat conversions. Unfortunately there are no pictures included in this thread of the final outcome.


I prefer searching the newsgroup archives at Google
<> also has a search feature for the group archives. Lots of good info in the archives.


Re: Viscount Air seat Conversion

Thanks for you help guys!
On another note, something really simple and newbie-ish…
I can crank along for about ten-15 metres with no assistance, then I
tend to always fall forwards, the uni going underneith in a UPD…How
can I stop this?


Lean back a bit more so it’s harder to fall forwards.