Viscount Air Conversion

OK, thats it I’ve had enough of numbing that part of my anatomy so have decided to an airseat conversion on my viscount seat. I’ve already removed the cover and am now looking at the seat wondering how much foam to remove from it. I understand that its a good idea to leave a good part of the front and back in place but wasn’t sure how far down the sides I need to cut away. I was wondering what size tube is best as I have a 16x1.75 which I thought might do. I’d be most grateful for any hints on this and also if anyone knows of any links with pictures of the procedure.

i’ve done this before but with the help of an upholsterer.

i got a 12.5" tube but it was too small so i would advise a 14" i think ure tube would be too big.

i got some new material for it as well (denim). i didnt remove any of the old foam but i don’t really know if i should have or not, it seemed to work ok. i folded the tube in the same way as described for a miyata conversion (search for something about that). i drilled a hole through the foam at the back and through the base just in fron of the rear bumper.

i then got some foam off my mate and cut it into 2 triangles for where the inertube wasnt( u will understand when u find how it’s folded). then my friend re-upholstered the seat for me with denim:D.

hope this helps,


That sounds like a good idea, not removing the foam, that might be worth a try as I could always hack out the foam later if it doesn’t work…


I did a quick lil search. This thread looked pretty helpful:

Good luck!

I’ve done a viscount air seat, here’s some pics:

I didn’t remove the cover or the any foam just added a 16" tube with a layer of foam on top and made a custom cover.

So if you take off the cover and the tube its the normal seat? That’s interesting I was just thinking of that. I’ll have to think about how to make a cover.

where did you get the handle

Viscount air-seat

I have a viscount with air-seat conversion and I used a 20" tube folded to make four “air-tubes” running front to back. I taped it in place with duct tape, a little tighter in the middle so it wasn’t so wide there, and it has been holding for a year without problems, except the tape starts to roll at the edges after a while, but that is easily repaired. If I weren’t so lazy I’d make a cover for it for cosmetic reasons only. I drilled a hole near the front for the valve stem. At any rate, just duct taping a tube in place can help you figure out what size is best for you. I like the width of the four front to back tubes much better than just two, or two stacked for some reason. Someday I’ll get my son to help me figure out how to post pictures. I also have an inexpensive and light, but very sturdy homemade handle made from electrical conduit.

Ill have to try that, but put a sock over the seat or something.