Virginia Cap2Cap ride

Anyone wanna join me on the Cap2Cap ride this year? It’s from Richmond to Williamsburg, on May 12, and there are 100 mile, 50 mile, and 25 mile options. I think I’ll be doing the 50 mile. Here’s all the info. Unfortunately the registration fee just went up $15-20, but meh.

I might be able to make this! Need to get my passport application in…

HOW, very tempting /:! I’m in Southern Maryland so this could be a day trip- or weekend if the wife is up to it…

I’d be on my 29 with short cranks. While I’ve ridden many centuries on an *ike the furthest I’ve been on the road Uni is 20 miles so far. I’ve picked my pace up with the 125’s and closer to 10 mph avg now- 50 miles/half century would be my max.

Would that work for you? Company is always nice. I’d have four months to work on distance. This would be a great Winter goal to work towards. What’s the terrain like?



The company would be nice. It would be very doable on a 29er w/ 125s. I did the MS150 along the same general route on a 700c/125. This part of VA is pretty flat, maybe some rolling hills. Make sure you sign up for the version that starts in Richmond, otherwise we’ll just pass each other in the middle:)