Virginia 18 Hour Race

Hey, just seeing if anyone would be interested in joining me for this 18 hour race in November? James Amon and I did it a couple years back, but it was in August. This part of Virginia is usually pretty cold in Nov.

Registration is $90 until August 31. Not sure if anyone from MD/DC/VA/NC still hangs out on the forums, but I thought I’d throw out the invite. I’ll be riding it either way, but I’d enjoy the company.

I should also mention that while there is not a special category for unicyclists, James and I got a cash prize just for showing up on unis (not promising anything this time though).

Hope you don’t deck yourself this time around. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that part kinda sucked. I plan to have a better headlamp this time around.

Just one last bump. Are there no municyclists left in the central east coast region?

Hey, I’m near you, but I don’t think I can do an 18 mile trip yet. I have only been riding for 6 months and all I have is a 20-inch trainer. My legs get tired on that thing in under 15 minutes. :smiley:

Anyway, I just posted a message asking about bigger UNI’s, and hope to get a new ride soon. I just noticed today that I have worn a bare spot on the tire of my trainer already from practicing turns. I guess I must always do the hip twist with my legs in the same position, because the rest of the tire still has tread on it. :astonished:

Whoa, I just re-read the post and noticed it is an 18 HOUR ride. You must be crazier than me. lol

I did that myself. I chalked it up to learning (and subsequently being sloppy at) free mounts. Pedals always in the same position, grinding the tire back and forth as I adjusted my weight and foot position on the pedals immediately after hopping up.

I suppose I should have rotated the tire… but I put MANY miles on that thing.

You say you’re near Richmond? What kind of riding are you interested in? I’m in Richmond too and would love to find another street or trials rider to bum around with.

I’m game for all types actually. I was an avid vert skateboarder in my younger days, but not as crazy as I used to be since I am 40 now. I was also an avid Mountain Biker in my college years, so I’m definitely interested in MUNI, too.

I’d definitely like to find somebody to ride with and learn from, but I need a new ride before I can attempt any tricks. The trainer I have is fine for riding, but I wouldn’t trust the rim jumping off a curb or anything. I’m sure it is probably a single wall (Avenir UNI).

Id love to do this but ill be in college at that point. By the way I’m from northern va