Vinyl coating for magura braided hose ends

My magura hs-33 braided brake hose gets crimped and bent bith where it exits the lever, and where it enters the brake cylinder. I want to reinforce it somehow and I thought maybe I could put some of that vinyl coating on those areas, like the kind used on the “club” anti-theft bar see in the pic below. Is this coating availbale to the public, and if so, what’s it called and where can I get it? My other idea was to get vinyl shrink tubing and use that, but it’s no where near as strong.

I would think that shrink tubing would be stronger than dip plastic. Oh yeah and that dip plastic can be bought at lowes, I’ve seen it there. It comes in a little bottle meant for diping screwdrivers, plyers handles, hammer handles etc etc.

There’s this stuff, which is designed for dipping tool ends in to make handles more comfortable amongst other things, and is therefore pretty tough I would guess. Not sure how you would apply it without covering the entire metal fitting in the stuff too, I guess you could tape over the end of the pipe and then cut the spare coating off afterwards. Shrink tube would seem a lot easier.

I actually used that dip coating to make some fairly decent weighted juggling balls. I filled tennis balls with BBs, glued up the slit, and then dipped the whole ball in the dip coating to have a smooth plastic surface. The only thing hard about coating a hose is you’d need a very long container and since it’s not rigid you’d have to weight the end to get it to sink to the bottom. You can paint it on but it doesn’t make a nice smooth surface.

Funny i’ve been intending to make juggling balls by filling tennis balls with lead shot for years, how much did you get them to weight in the end? i tried to work it out but 3D random stacking of spheres inside a sphere is complicated stuff.

I just went ahead and used shrink tubing. I also doubled it for more strength.

Something that you might want to try as a reinforcement option in this area is a piece of firm coil spring over the outside of the hose where it connects to the housing. I saw one done on a bike once and they used a piece of “Heli Coil” as the reinforcement.

Electrical “shrink wrap” as you mentioned earlier probably would not be strong enough to prevent kinking

Whoa, that’s a great idea! Wonder where I can get some of that…

Is this damage on your brake set just due to the type of unicycling you’re doing or should I be worried about my-not-so-old-but-still-too-expensive-to-kill brake set on my touring cycle?

I do hope you are thinking piano string

It’s the braided cable that gets slightly kinked where it exits straight down out of the lever. The older levers had the cable coming out straight toward the seatpost, and that type of configuration seems to be less of a direct stress on the cable hose where it enters the lever. Over time, the hose (like mine that comes straight down) develops a slight “crease” due to the pressure of the hose being angled back inward toward the brake cylinder. Not really a big deal, but it just looked like crap after a while.

Heli coil can be purchased at most automotive shops and industrial supply companies. It might be a bit stiff for this application but physicaly looking at a piece would tell you right away if it would work or not.

I’m not sure where you might pick up a length of sturdy coil spring but something else that might work could be a length of plastic or nylon coil binding from a paper document. As these come in all sizes and colors it would give you lots of options. Print shops or office stores should have some of these

They came out to about a pound each. If you wanted them heavier you could get lead fishing weights, I think they make spherical ones.

I made a set of three a few years back, only I filled the old tennis balls with a couple dollars total worth of pennies. I cut the slit slightly larger than a penny, and I’ve never had to seal it up. Cheapest juggling balls ever.

Sounds to me like the spring protector bit of 1/4" jack plugs would be ideal. Something like this for example

Not sure if they sell just the spring bits on their own, but it isn’t going to cost a fortune for a couple of complete jacks.


I did the same with 1p and 2p coins. Each ball weighed 57p :smiley: Never had to re-seal them, but I’ve heard that putting them inside baloons does work quite well.

STM, but I’m not sure the spring would be strong enough.

I’ve not looked for the best price, but I’m sure you could shop around.

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Funilly enough, Maplins was the first place I looked, but couldn’t quickly see what I was after though.

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