Vintage Uni video 1967!

Just put together this nearly FORTY YEAR OLD footage of me riding my first unicycle! No Trials or muni then, but I took to it pretty quick! My pants looked about two sizes too small! :stuck_out_tongue: Just thought it would be fun to share it with you all. I think I was about eleven then. :smiley: After about a 35 year break, I’m back at it! Never too late, eh?

Oldie but goodie!

Way cool.

Thats awesome, you were much better than me in '67;)
Those are some weird pants.

haha, n i c e:D

Thanks…I only wish I had footage from a couple years later when I had my schwinn 24"! I had learned how to ride down stairs and ride backwards and even one-foot pedalling-then I quit kinda all of a sudden.:frowning: Oh, btw, I want to thank my friend Perry for transferring the original video tape to dvd, then to mpeg4, then finally to WMV! Great job!

Cool, that’s about exactly the same time my dad was unicycling…

Haha you sure squirted around :smiley:

You should’ve seen us in the mid-70’s when Bell bottoms, platform shoes and polyester were considered cool! Can you say, Saturday Night Fever? :smiley:

:astonished: That’s the oldest uni vid i’ve ever seen…i’m surprised they had unicycles back then let alone cameras.

YEah, no computers, video games, cell phones, walmart, diet soda, wait…maybe tab. The BIG event that year (1967) was the realease of the Beatles masterpiece, Sgt.Pepper! My friends and I must’ve played that record…yes record-no CD’s then!-a million times! The Beatles would not break up for another THREE years! In fact, The very FIRST moon landing would not take place until TWO years AFTER this footage was filmed! Yep, filmed. There were no video cams back then either! At least not commercially available. Memories!:slight_smile:

I know, eh? I just natrrally assumed the wheel was invented somtime in the 80s;) any who, thanks terry for sharing that vid. now when you were that old did you ever think that you would ever be doing anything more hardcore than that?

I don’t think I did, but I did do some small drops off stairs and curbs and one foot pedalling but that’s about it. i do remember that I used to be able to spin in a circle pretty fast and pick small items up off the ground while riding. I just didn’t even imagine all the possibilities back then. Of course back then, the unis were all pretty weak and would not have held up anything too hardcore.

This should put 1967 in perspective: See what was hot in Music, Sports, Movies, TV, etc. All of that was going on when that uni footage was shot! Ancient history now I’m afraid!

Re: Vintage Uni video 1967!

MuniAddict enlightened us with:
> Just put together this nearly FORTY YEAR OLD footage of me riding
> my first unicycle!

Very nice vid, thanks! :smiley:


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that is cool :slight_smile:

i wonder if i’ll be able to find footage of myself riding in 30 or so years time. Mabye i’ll still be riding :o

I wonder if I’ll find videos of myself riding on planet earth in 2 years time, considering we’re all going to be living on new planets by mid 2007.

maybe when im fifty or so ill travel back in time and record myself riding around and show everyone!

that was the coolest 1967 unicycle video i have ever seen!

that was sweet

I’m wondering how much further this sport can advance in the next 35+ years, and if present riding styles and tricks will seem as “basic” to someone in 2045 as my 1967 vid does to us in 2006? :thinking:

That is great classic film footage. I love the “new” Chevy Camaro you are unicycling next to.

Our family took a few movies in the 60’s. I remember the film came on little reels and each reel was good for 3 minutes of action. It was a luxury in 1967 but paltry by today’s standards.

They had electricity back then?

wow…:stuck_out_tongue: :wink: