vintage schwinn 24" for sale

ok i dont know much about unicycles but i picked this up cause its a schwinn. anyways i would like to get 175$ shipped for it. tire holds are and it spins very smooth. seat doesnt have any tares or cracks.

That is a later model Schwinn with the standard sized rim. That means it will fit 24" BMX tires. Also, it has a blue aluminum Araya 7c rim, and 36 spokes.

That’s the good.

The bad news is that there is little to no collector value. As a learner uni it has a value between $50-$75 depending on tire condition, seat condition, and rust. Obviously if it was in fair to poor shape the value would be lower.

You may have good luck selling it locally, rather than dealing with shipping.

ok i arrived at my price buy looking at what ppl are asking for them on ebay.

also im into bmx bikes and i know the araya rim goes for about that

so guess ill either learn to ride it or part it out! thanks for the info