Vintage Roy Cooper unicycle

Hi I’m new to the site. I found a Roy Cooper Toys unicycle made in Stockport, England. I can’t find that much info on the internet about the company or the unicycle itself, and was wondering if any of you know about it and what it’s worth. Thanks.

Paging John foss!

Wow! I never heard of it, and it doesn’t look like any of the old, cheapie unicycles I have. I’d love to see more pictures! Estimated vintage is the 1970s.

As for value, very little. Someday, people might collect old unicycles enough to increase their worth, but that hasn’t happened yet to my knowledge. That uni has a scary looking seat, and appears not to have much in the way of wheel bearings.

But is is the same color as my nicest unicycle, my SilvaCycles KH 36 with Schlumpf hub! :slight_smile:

I like this. a good hunt should be cool!

I see a few references to Roy Cooper penny farthings using google.

“Late 50’s/ early 60’s Roy Cooper mini-Penny Farthing(26” front tire)"

From this site.

“Youth highwheel, decal badge “Roy Cooper… Stockport England”. Improper rear wheel, otherwise in good original cond.”

From this site.



How about the FULL picture!? Here, allow me:


Terry, I don’t understand your post. It looks like the exact second picture from the OP. What am I missing?

i was thinking the same thing…

It wasn’t there when I first looked; only the first pic. He probably had remaining edit time, and added it after I posted the pic.

I thought of that but I thought the edit time limit was small… like 10 - 20 minutes.
Even still…

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It could also be that the second pic just didn’t load; Before I even posted the reply with pic, I scrolled down to the last reply, checking to see if the full pic was posted and didn’t see it. My browser, firefox, tends to need refreshing from time to time, to get the whole page fully displayed. I also have opera, which does not have that problem. I’m just used to firefox but will probably switch over if it continues.

Or you could just stop it caching.

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I just tried that, but it didn’t seem to change anything. In fact, here’s a screenshot i just took that shows the exact same thing I saw yesterday…just the first picture!

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slow computer?