VIMW was dope!

hey everyone,

VIMW was really cool. Kris holm, dan heaton and a bunch of awsome riders were at the ride. Really great trails ( pics should be up soon) and really great ppl. The universe 2 preview was really neat ( im not gunna say anything about it ( dan) ). But ya if its gunna happen again next year then i highly recomand it if u can make it.

laid her,


OH YA i gotta ride blue shift ( really cool )

Thanks Lauren and Dylan and Dylan’s mom.

here are some photos from area 51:

Dylan and Lauren organized a great MUni weekend on a shoestring budget. They provided two fantastic (huge, inclusive, delicious) meals for the weekend which required an enormous amount of preparation that Lauren did pretty much single handedly. One of the trails was closed for the Saturday ride and they were able to setup an alternate ride with a guide by 10:00 AM on ride day. That’s pretty impressive under-pressure scrambling if you ask me.

Even beyond that, though, Dylan and his family were willing to open up their backyard and home to the use of a bunch of strangers. This kind of hospitality made it easy for folks on limited funds to stay in a central area and, more so, stay together somewhat to make organizing a little easier. Unicyclists seem to always be that accommodating.

I had a chance to meet new people! Greg Moore, Booger (Brian), Dale, Justin, Byron, Caroline, Chex (Mike Carroll), and of course Lauren just to name a few. I got to see Kris, Dan, Dylan, Jeff, Mike (who Rocks) again and ride with my local boys, Jon McClintock and John Childs. I apologize for any and all omissions. All of them were vicious, nasty people like most unicyclists. There was such a huge variety of interests and backgrounds represented there and not anywhere near enough time to explore them all.

Then, there was the riding. Watching Dan, Dylan, and Jeff take apart the driftwood at the beach trials barbeque was as awe inspiring as the rainbow that followed the brief shower there. During the rain there was the cooking of and endless supply of skewered goodies and oysters with Thai BBQ sauce. As the light showers continued we were entertained by the freestyle antics of some of the most talented riders around on trials unicycles.

Seeing John Childs tackle elevated skinny after elevated skinny on the trail rides was as rewarding to me as watching Kris, Dan, Dylan, Justin, and Jeff make the impossible appear to be second nature. That is, when I could catch up to them. I spent alot of time using the heel of my hand to close my gaping jaw and the rest of the time brushing dirt off of myself from the many spills that some seem able to avoid. I also got to try things I would not otherwise get to do.

Doing short trail segments with new people like Chex, Dale, and Booger was as instructional as always. It’s always nice to see someone slightly better than you doing the stuff that you’re just ready to start trying yourself. The learning process is clearer than watching it done by someone to whom the skill has become too easy.

Many thanks to Dylan and his family for their incredible hospitality. Many thanks to Lauren for her Herculean efforts at organization. Many thanks to all of the participants and new friends that I have made because, without them, these events could not and would not exist.

I had a great time at VIMW, even though most of the riding was way beyond my abilities. :slight_smile:

I’d like to say thanks to Dylan and Laura, for putting on such an awesome event, Greg for showing me the way and lending me his pillow, Byron for giving me rides everywhere, and everyone else for being so cool. :slight_smile:


On behalf of Lauren and Myself, We’d like to thank all of those that were in attendance of this year’s event, for putting up with us and making this event possible. We hope to see you, along with a bunch of other riders, here next year. Thanks once again.

-Dylan and Lauren

Thanks Dylan and Lauren- we all had an awesome time!

I know that organizing these weekends represents a huge amount of work, but it definately would be cool to see this become an annual event.


Lauren, Dylan - I can’t say enough. Thanks for a wonderful weekend.

I’ve uploaded four pics to the VIMU 2003 gallery at:

Cheers, Greg

Well this was the first big muni weekend I’ve been to and I dont think words can express how much fun I had. It was really cool to meet riders from all over north america.

Thank you lauren and dylan.

I’ll see you guys next year. with or without a officially planned Muni weekend.

Mike aka Chex

do I dare look at the pictures of the masses of fun I would have been having had I not been injured…?

Thank-you both, Dylan and Lauren for organizing a great event. I enjoyed the daily rides and the banquet dinner at the Edgewater Bistro. Thank-you Dan for the preview of Universe II was great, I can hardly wait for the video to be out. Thanks for donating a copy of Universe II for the door prize draw. As well thanks to Darren of Bedford Unicycles for donating some hats and t-shirts and to Kris Holm for donating a DVD for the draw.

Thanks to Lauren for the spagetti dinner on Sunday night, it was delicious and we had the good company of John Childs. As most people needed to leave Sunday afternoon. We stayed around to take-up the slack.

It was great to meet new friends from various parts of North America and to see old friends again. Thanks to my wife for coming and driving some of us around to the different trails.

Thanks to Harper for bringing Blue Shift. I had fun learning to freemount it and to ride it. It sure is fun, but it is a bit of a mind shift. As it looks like a small wheel (29er) but it rides like the big one (Coker) but bigger. I think I might have to get one when they are available.

this is freaky
i’ve just noticed the same phenomenon in my rock climbing over the past two or three weeks and it was quite strange to c it so well explained and related to something completely different


The only photos I have of VIMW are of Jon McClintock satisfying condition 11 of the “Where You Have Ridden” section of the Unicycle Fanatic test. Here’s a sample.

Added a scan of local newspaper coverage to the VIMW 2003 album at:

Cheers, Greg

Woo! I’m all the way up to 31.17%.

-Jon “Needs to get more unicycles”


can sombody provide the link here,so nurse Trixie here can take the quiz…

Amazing! There was no mention of Kris in the article. That’s gotta be a first.

The “Unicycle Fanatic” quiz:


Cool…thanks for the link. I’m bummed I can’t get out of the “serious hobby” range, although at 39% I’m close. I plan to dream tonight about some uni-stunts I’m not yet able to do, which might move me into the “pretty passionate” category.