Vimeo Unicycle Group

Hey guys !
I started the first Vimeo Unicycle Group, in order to get ourselves more exposure, I started by adding an old video of mine in HD. Feel free to join !

i put one of mine in as well

just added some old crap of mine.
i hope its not too many… :slight_smile:

Joined, and uploaded one of my videos (sucky quality btw) :roll_eyes:

Joined as well. Nothing new to upload yet so I put some old clips.:slight_smile:

I think this is a great idea. I have even rated it 5: excellent (never having rated any thread before!).
It’s gonna end up being a lifetimes worth of unicycle vids:D
I also like how it’s for any type of unicycling and it’s not limited to just one discipline such as trials or street etc.

Are you kidding ? Videos of that standard are never too many ! Bring them on !!!

Guys, may I suggest something ? If you like a video, click on the heart icon, it will raise it’s status to popular video and possibly attract attention of real people, who don’t ride unis.
You could also join the extreme sport video group.
One of the ideas behind the creation of this group in addition to bringing together our community is to get us some exposure to the outside world.

I’ve uploaded an HD (720p) version of Salvation… my favorite muni vid. The camera is only regular def, HD improves the photos and titles.

Question, when we post a video, do we have to re-upload them?

After you joined the group, click on the vid in your own account you want to add, then go to the Add tab on the right part of the screen, and put a tick next to Unicycle vids, and your video is added to the group immediately.

Thank you.

Hey thieum,
I’m wondering what you have in mind for this group?
Do you want us posting every video we do there, or keep is selective?

I don’t have anything in mind for this group, it’s not my group it’s our group.

I believe two things, first of all the rating system of vimeo should do the trick, if you like a video, click on the heart symbol, eventually videos that are liked the most will stand out. It’s like voting for the best video.

I trust that you won’t want to feature any old boring video of you training or a clip you shot for some uni game such as “out”. But if you can’t resist then fine, add it to the group.

I also think that you should try and post your best videos in one or two other groups in order to attract attention and drag other members of the vimeo community to our group where they will look for more.

I will try and keep low key as a group creator/moderator, but I definitely want this group to be lively and active, it’ll probably take a few months before it reaches cruising altitude and speed, but we’ve got time don’t we ? In the meantime let’s shoot our wheels off !!!

i added one

Just what does that have to do with the Vimeo Unicycle group?!

Sod off.

That’s the beauty of spam, it doesn’t have to do with anything , it just pops up from god knows where.

I like your sig UnicycleJuggler :wink:

Hey ! I just realized that I could add someone else’s video to the group, very neat !!! So if you like a unicycle video on Vimeo, add it to the group, and don’t forget to click that cute little heart symbol. Every vote counts ! :smiley:
I just added one flatland video, it’s no sinco production, but it’s all right, for flatland :smiley: :sunglasses: