Vimeo or Youtube


Just a general question??

What are the pros and cons of Youtube vs Vimeo?

Currently I use Youtube, but have started to post a lot more videos and find that they take ages to load, is Vimeo quicker?



YouTube seems to have a pretty big problem of content takedowns (eg. if you use a popular song that Sony own, YouTube will gladly take your video down if they think you’re making money off it). Not sure if Vimeo have a similar policy, though if they don’t it’s probably only a matter of time.

I have had that happen to me a few times, but I think I have worked out a way to get around it… I can feed the sound out in to a recorder then its a new sound file, although it will lose some of its quality this way. I think this will scrub the digital data that youtube look for.

Yeah that should do it, but it could still be flagged manually :smiley:

I’m not sure of the advantages of Vimeo - YouTube seems to offer everything, and has the market dominance, so seems to make sense for getting your stuff to a wider audience. Maybe a Vimeo user can chime in and offer their side? :sunglasses:

FWIW, I use because screw Google! :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a shame you cant just buy the music you want to use on youtube… I would happily pay a few quid for each video if it increased the selection and made life easier :slight_smile:

Vimeo started same policy and your video will be banned untill you provide licence proofs.

For views and recognition, and the opportunity to monetize your videos and make money, it’s youtube hands down. Of course, only a few youtube “stars” make serious money. #1 is Pewdiepie, who’s yearly income is up to $8.7 million! And that’s after youtube’s 45% cut! (23.9 million total subscribers. 3.69 billion total views).

I really am wondering why people use Vimeo then, as evidently lots of people do :roll_eyes:

That was what I was wondering and hence why I asked :slight_smile:

No contest. :roll_eyes:


Vimeo: less trolling and silly comments, more quality than quantity in content and audience (i just feel it that way).

That’s probably because vimeo has 900 million less users and visitors, which also results in less trolling and silly comments. :roll_eyes:

Good point.

First time on the forums in years and this is actually a thread I’m interested in.

Youtube if you want views, Vimeo if you want quality.

I use both and leave Vimeo for my professional videos and if I’ve got something that I want to look good. I pay for my Vimeo account too, which gives me unlimited HD uploads and HD embedding.

Youtube is too full of shit-talkers and vloggers BUT it has a massive audience. Youtube videos work on most platforms and devices so if you want all-out views, Youtube is the way to go.

EDIT: Forgot one of the most major plus point of Vimeo. No ads!