View from the BJC.

It is the start of day 2 at the BJC and things are looking good.

There is free wifi in the gym and loads of unicycle workshops and free practice space.

Over 800 people already here and more predicted to turn up over then next few days.

UDC are here and trading, the sun is out and it looks like being a beautiful day.

Hope to meet a few unicyclists here.



is anyone going up to bjc from the south tomorrow?! my ‘mates’ are letting me down and i really need to get there. cant afford to spend £90 on train or £150 to fly but willing to pay towards petrol money. im in southampton but can travel to somewhere closer to get a lift.

so if youre going up or know anyone who you think is, and might be able to fit two people in with you (no kit), or even one person, please shout! any help appreciated,

thank you.

I’m back from BJC. :frowning:

But it was an absolutely fab 5 days. Fastest 5 days I have ever lived.

I’m still wearing my pass, can’t bare to take it off. It’s so strange to be back to the real world.

Well: a truly excellent BJC. I confess to have spent more time watching others unicycle than actually riding mine.

Cathwood: if you want the pics I took of you juggling whilst riding, pm me your email, and I will send them to you.

Did anyone get any good pics of the ice unicycling…the icicles? I didn’t have my camera with me at the time. Well done to all those brave enough to have a go, and especially the ice wheel walker!!!


I got some. Most of them are dark. And I have one of the wheel walker but he wasn’t wheel walking at the time.

i had such a super super time at bjc! loved the gliding and all the workshops. the atmosphere was amazing , met so many people- old and new! was superstoked about learning new stuff. Definately recommend it for anyone still wondering about whether to attend one- i think it will be hard for me to make a decision not to attend next year!:smiley:

The ice unicycling was fantastic and surprisingly easy to get started at.

The problem was if you tried to turn or lean then the uni just shot out from under you.

I would love to do it again.