Hey I fell on camera a bunch and posted some on youtube. I don’t have the one where I did a front-flip yet, but some others are up. The highlight is “the bridge” and the boring one is the “picnic table”, where I don’t fall, but I take a really long time to execute a routine trick.

url not found :frowning:

I found it.

Kool, where were you guys, just in a local forest?

I fixed the URL. With the bridge, we were around Bent creek and Lake Powhatan, close to where I live. With the picnic table and the ditch, it was when we were unicycling from Old Fort to Black Mountain (about a five and a half mile trail), and those were after the trail and on it.

post the frontflip now so we actually believe you!
unless you mean crankflip

no, I mean front-flip. I will post it as soon as I get it from the guy who filmed it.

I wished I could have went on that ride with you all because it looks like it would have been fun

I’ll let you know the next time we go out

Ok, maybe I’ll get to go but it’s hard for me to talk my dad into letting me go and going on sundays

so you did… this… but landed it

How does someone manage to do a frontflip on a unicycle?

I did a front-flip off of the unicycle into the bushes…and I wasn’t aiming to.

ohh lol
you had me scared for a second…

jump and throw your weight below your waist back and throw the weight above your waist forward while jumping on the unicycle.