I made a little gallery with my mom’s new digital camera… check it out.

But i have a lot of video that is turned sideways. I was wondering, how do you rotate video? A program called “arcsoft” came with the camera, but it doesn’t seem to have anything that can rotate in it.
some help please? (i have some really good video to put up!!)


have a canon do ya? I havent found a way to rotate or do anything yet with it.

Re: Videos

Take a look at this thread in Just Conversation

If the video is already in AVI format you can use VirtualDub. If it’s in MOV format you’ll have to first convert it to AVI format so VirtaulDub can read it. There is a link to a program that will convert MOV files to AVI files in the thread in Just Conversation.

You can use VirtualDub to rotate them if it’s in .mpg too. Great photos and videos! Thanks for posting them.


Ryan, great pictures from you ! I like them, please give us more of this…


where do you get “virtual dub” what is it?
Thanks, I’m putting more photos up now!


The VirtualDub web site is at; it can be downloaded from SourceForge.


Re: Videos

Those are some sweet pics Ryan. Awesome.



But now back to the video… I got them rotated… but now when i try to upload them into my gallery, it says : “The page cannot be displayed”

any help here?


damn man! thats some fine riding!

I got that problem too, I have to do just one or too at a time.

i tried just one, it still does it. Ahy help? anyone? Please???


Maybe try using Gallery Remote. There’s a link to it that you can see when you go to upload things. I use it these days and it’s pretty good for uploading a bunch of things.

I can’t wait to see the videos.


wooo hooo!
now it’s working (for some reason) i’ve got a few up, more to come
thanks for your help!


Exellent work guys.

wait a second… i found out, it will upload the ones that i haven’t rotated, but not the ones that i have

since a 50% have been rotated, this sucks!

any tips?


rotate them back and hope it works?

Did you check the size of the rotated ones? VirtualDub doesn’t compress videos by default; make sure you’re not trying to upload a hundred megabyte file by accident. I’ve tried that before, it doesn’t work… :roll_eyes:

Failing that, I can’t think of why it shouldn’t work… strange…


i’ve watched them, and they’re the same as before, just rotated.

is 51.7MB too big? how do i make them smaller?

Thanks (i think that is it)(51.7 compared to 3 is a big difference)


…Ryan, in my opinion the “three sixty - footplant video” is the best of it all. And to make a sidehop with 85cm…very impressive. I think it is nearly worldrecord :slight_smile: