I was wondering if I could get some help determining what unicycling movies/videos I should get. Currently I have One Tired Guy, which includes Skilletto, White Trax, and Unizaba. I love it and I want to get some more. But which one do I get? As far as I know, most of the videos are only on VHS, I would much rather get them on DVD. Into the Thunder Dragon is definitely on my list. What other videos do you like, and what are available on DVD? I am mostly looking for stuff to impress my friends and get them into unicycling.


show your friends universe. the’ll love it, ive never shown it in a venve with non nucyclists and not had someone want to have a go themselves.

and get a copy of one wheel no limit to whatch when only unicyclists are there (with the music turned down and a cd playing on your stereo)
its a cheezy video with some realy amazing freestyle tricks in it.

My experience is that Universe is the most impressive aurally and visually to people that don’t unicycle. I’ve personally learned the most so far from One Wheel No Limit, Mike King’s Unipsycho Extreme, and George Peck’s Rough-Terrain Unicycling, as well as the many clips I’ve pulled from the Internet (thanks to all those people that have posted!).

Oh, and Pink Floyd goes pretty well with OWNL.

im saveing my money for UniVerse II on DVD. said to be comming out this summer (GO GO GO!)

i was going to get the Thunder Dragon thing but theres only 18 minutes of riding in it so it got bumped off my “must have now” list :smiley:

Is that true? I would have thought there would be much more seeing as it’s quite long.


yep,check out this thread from the “product reviews” section

it’s 45 minutes. It’s not great It’s not horrible, but it could be a lot better.

There is only 18 minutes of riding, and all the rest is the culture of the local people, as timed by TAG Heure representative: Drewnicycle.

Your money would be spent much better on Universe…I’m getting Universe 2 for sure.

If you are somewhere and this falls into your lap, keep it, but I wouldn’t spend my Uni component money on it

How many different people must we watch Kris and Nathan push on their unicycles? OH, he’s pushing a kid! Oh, he’s pushing a man! Oh, there he is sitting on a bus!

This isnt supposed to be here.

I got One Wheel No Limit for christmas, it was pretty good, but the music was indeed crappy. After a while I was brainwashed by all the things they were doing it was hard to process all the things they were doing at once, I was proud of one foot riding. Heh.

All that was in this movie was riding and skills, But I wanted to know if there is a video that is one that talks about doing the tricks and how to do them. Something more oral and explanitory, and not one that is all talking and crap either please,
Lil’ help on deciding which 1 to get next? thx

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>Oh, and Pink Floyd goes pretty well with OWNL.
But you don’t mean something like the Dark Side of the Moon with The
Wizard of Oz synchronicity? See

Klaas Bil

The Yo-Yo was originally a weapon in the Philippines.

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That’s on Kazaa as Dark side of the Rainbow

Is the Unipyscho video out there for purchase? I have seen some clips from it, the bits I saw looked pretty good. So, is it worth hunting down to buy?


Someone mentioned wanting to see more instructional vids. I just posted a sort of intro to muni workshop that David Poznanter gave at last year’s RIT Juggle-in.

Here’s the video:

  • Lutkus

David, if you’re reading, sorry I don’t have your e-mail, so I couldn’t ask for your permission to post this, but, well, I let you crash in my living room, and then put up with you for over a week in Bremen, so you owe me.

almost forgot… for some more advanced muni technique I’ve got some footage of Kris Holm from the 2001 NUC:

hi Jeff,

thanx for the vid.could someone take it down to 20 or 30megs so my 56 can breath?

Bedford has them. I like the video. It’s over an hour. Some of the riding seems repetitive. Nothing really extreme but good to see.

Does anyone know if Darren also has Universe? I really want to impress my biking friends with it! :smiley: