Video's you are

The EuroVision thread made me think of this.

Anyone on the forums ever make a candid appearance in videos of any sort while on their unicycle?

I had only been riding for about 2 weeks when asked to be in a music video for some kid.
Not a big fan of his music, but he was a cool guy and so was the guy he was working with so I just did like 2 takes of me riding down the sidewalk.

I come in about 1:55 if you don’t want to listen to the whole song haha
Filmed in beautiful Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Yeah not a big fan of his music either…And he can’t mime for sh*t :smiley:

that song is piss poor he could of atleast boverd to play the panio why is he at the panio ??? but then again some of the crap i listen to, but thats decent riding for 2 weeks im proud man :slight_smile: when i saw you pushing i was like " awaaa common man" then when i saw you riding i went to " whoop comman man !! )
but back to your question only once for the local news years ago somthing to do with the school i went to at the time but nothing recent you got lucky man :slight_smile:

Hey i like your sig bean

I would have put 'when life gives you lemons buy some miracle fruite and have a good munch!

You’d have to search ‘miracle fruit’ to know what i’m on about :smiley:

Thank you? hahha I’ve gotten MUCH better! That was filmed in probably the end of February or beginning of March.

And at this point of writing the post I realized what you meant by “pushing”
Yeah, there was a stop light and at that time, I would just jump off to cross a street. God forbid I have a mishap in the middle of the street and fall/swerve into on-comming traffic!

But cool, man. Thats cool your local news took interest. I Bethlehem, I had sort of a cult following that my friends would say like “Hey, man. I heard some people talking about some kid on a unicycle, I asked 'em ‘was he a tall lanky kid with a Flyers hat?’ and they were like ‘yup! I see him everywhere!’”

EDIT: About the piano too… I don’t know haha I had watched the video before and never noticed, I watched again and was like… wat.

Blarg, I’m a moron, The thread name should have been “Videos you are in” xD ohhhh man.

He’s got the Bieber hair going on.

Yeah, he had a big furry jacket on when I talked to him.

C’mon other people must have been in something? Local news? School projects? Adult Films?