Videos on a DX

I wanna see some trials videos done on a DX

look for jerrick’s stuff, he has a dx. I would find them myself, but im feeling lazy and i need to go to bed

thats old stuff though, im getting newer stuff up soon. =p Ill get a clip up soon, its not smooth at all, but it works.

Ill do some stuff like hickflips on it later today, ive wanted to see if i can do it on it, I can do it on my light freestyle one(tht just broke:( )

The clip I put together ended up making a mini-movie, but its a huge file. Ill compress it and post a link for you soon.

lol i can only crankflip on my DX i guess. To much grip, even though i can take off the pedal things i dont want to, i cant even silly flip on it lol.

Here they are.

The video is fuzzy cause I had to compress 300mb into 10mbs. Its nothing too great, just some clips thrown together.

Download link.

uh i dont think you got it right. all there is is sound :roll_eyes:

You probably just need the VidX codec to play them. Thats what I encoded it to. It was in an AVI format but that was 300mb large, and VidX made it much smalelr, and allowed decent quality.

I had exact oppisite. Video but no sound.

Nvm, i downloaded it and its fine. Must be because I was trying to play it in my browser.