Videos of TOQUE 05?

does anyone have highlight videos of toque 05?

Not yet. However, I saw a guy with a 3 CCD video camera so it should be good. I’m looking forward to highlights as well since we had to leave right after the beginner trails so I missed seeing the pros comp.

sorry, IATSE staging union rules restrict us from broadcasting anymore then 2 minutes of any footage shot on an IATSE stage… you will have to be patient and wait for people to get home to thier computers and buy Dan Heaton’s next video since it will likley have some of the best of TOQUE in it… or check out ED THE SOCK if you are in CANADA, EdTheSock/KersnerEntertianment/CHUM sent a camera man and the DJ from the show down to cover the event.

I have an hour of footage but i can’t get it onto the computer.

heh. i had a few clips ranging from 5-40 seconds on my digital camera. but my computer decided to crash on me. (it’s still all on my camera either way) but it won’t be posted for another few days while i sort out and kick at my comp!

what?! so it WAS for ed the sock!?


Here is a video of me crashing on one of the beginners lines. The slow motion repeat is quite funny.


I have posted some additional videos to


PS. Don’t forget to register for OUI’05 !’05/

Sorry the OUI’05 links should have been



Does anyone else have video yet?

yeah any videos???