Videos from the Video Competition at UNICON


does anybody know where we can find/watch/download the Videos from the video competition at UNICON?


yea doesnt anyone have some.

Look on video google and search “unicycling”
There is one movie for sure.
I don’t know the link anymore, sorry


I think / hope that they will be all availiable on very soon.
I will let you know when they are online

The first Video from the Video Competition is now online at
More will come soon


There is one in another thread [EDIT: but the same as on] :


I found another one here:!/WE_de_Ouf-light.wmv

This is the video of Yoggi and Xavier…very funny!



Thanks! That was so silly it was great. Did they enter that in the video comp?

wow they make my riding look good.

hahaha that is a great video

Yes, it is funny. They got seventh place in the video competition. You can see the results here:


Hah I love it, I didn’t watch the whole thing cause it was just boring. But I found it amusing how they were clearly making fun of alot of the unicycling vids on youtube and even some of the ones I have seen here.