real short.

Nice, I really liked that 180 over the rail out of the grind. What tire were you using? it looked pretty wide.

Is that a DX you ride?

Spencer- I think that was just a CC. I could be wrong though.

maaaann i really wish we could have ridden that one time. maybe some other time man

good video by the way.


Nah, its not a CC. Anthony rides a bmx rim (20"). It’s the torker dx hub and cranks and maybe seat though.

yeah torker everything except the rim is a primo balance and tire is a revenge.

ahah you cut your hair right?

not myself.

grateful dead rocks.

i think the most impressive looking trick was the hop over the rail down the 3stair at the end.

Yeah, you ride for torker right?



This is a stupid question but can you freemount?

on a good day