Have a look at r video. go on this
then go 2 page 5 then click on beast

p.s we made this around christmas time and weve improved loads since then.

What do u lot think of it then?

wait more then three minutes for a response dude… but well it was really really long for some basic skill riding… im not trying to sound mean or anything but thats basically what it was,


ok…like i said… if it was only like 3 minutes or so long i would have liked it, but a 13 minutes movie… thats looooonngg


I tried to load it, but it took to long so I got bored and went outside…I’ll do it again I guess.

that gliding bit was awesome -it went on for like 9 years. (roughly) i can never find any big hills to glide on, and i cant glide on just flats. good video

i c where ur comin from that its a bit long but that was when we were shit but now if we mad a new 1 it would be alot better.

Yeah… sorry if it sounded kinda mean what i said wasnt ment to be like that, but yeah that was a really nice gliding bitm really smooth and fast, who did the gliding?


not my fault it was all manj da pie boy(he our camera man nd editor)

What are you talking about the crankgrabs were the COOLEST they rocked!

yer it duz go on 4 ages but it is a bit crap

yer ur rite nd dey is even better when u can get up from dem. look @ nd click on ‘its well good’ its my skills


it gettin better der b a pic on

wot dat 4???

butty can you please stop typing like that its confusing my simple mind…


Um, Im not sure now…

soz am i 2 skilled

fair enuf

is n e 1 else gonna tlk???